In footwork the energy is continuously transferred from one leg to the other. This causes the non-stop fluctuation of each leg’s energy level. This constant change affects legs’ capacity for grounding and their ability to generate force. In order to optimize the latter, Yin & Yang footwork engages the legs based on their energy level at the time of reaction (TER – see below). This provides the most efficient way to utilize ground reaction forces and ability to move with increased energy level.

Yin & Yang footwork was developed during last few years of my karate study but its use reaches far beyond martial arts. It is an energetic approach towards movement, which applies universally to different sports such as tennis, football, volleyball and many others. Yin & Yang footwork allows the athlete to generate and transfer maximum amount of energy while maintaining full mental and physical balance.

The unique feature of Yin & Yang footwork is TER reaction model. TER reaction strategically improves your performance by connecting the physics of energy transfer with the timing of the response. This produces best results with minimum reaction delay. With the science on your side you better control the energy, timing and use of space.


In context of footwork the optimal reaction means the optimal ground reaction for it is the feet that are our body’s first line of contact with the ground. The athletes rely on the ground every time they walk, jump, fight or use force.

In footwork, the timing of energy transfer constantly affects each leg’s energy level and their capacity for grounding. The result is that most of the time one leg is better fit for interacting with the ground (and producing force) than the other. This is true even when your body remains centered.

TER reaction uses each leg’s fluctuating energy level as the determining factor in the response. It engages the legs based on their potential for generating and transferring maximum amount of ground reaction force at the moment the reaction happens. This leads to optimal energy management and highly effective footwork response. TER perfectly connects body and mind, which results in minimizing the reaction delay and improved timing.

TER reaction uses legs’ collaborative effort to better your speed, balance and power. What is particularly important, the model allows you to respond spontaneously and without the loss of acceleration. In all cases, you get better results by coordinating the timing of your response with the timing of energy transfer.


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