Energetic Body Grounding

Energetic Body Grounding is a body work process based on practical application of martial arts principles in the context of the most efficient way of using human body. The method uses safe interactive exercises that improve mental and physical balance, energize the body and enhance body awareness. EBG offers you a chance to reach optimal levels of structural strength and can be successfully applied to different sports and routines.

Technically speaking EBG exercises apply scientific concept of action – reaction to human body. The outside stimuli in form of push or pull (action) is applied to the body “forcing” the latter to neutralize/ground it (reaction). In the process different body segments work in synergy allowing the structure to become fully balanced or – using the language of martial arts – “centered”. Centered body that is naturally extended and at the same time fully grounded reflects optimal physical alignment and is free of collapse in both anatomical and energetic sense. Such body is fully functional on both physical and mental levels. On one hand it offers optimal structural support and stability thanks to connection to the ground, on the other improves mental composure allowing optimal judgement and reaction. One has to understand that the mental part is not really separate from the physical one. The improvement on physical side automatically affects the mind in positive way – with the change of perception happening almost simultaneously. Correspondingly, collapsed posture negatively affects one’s attitude and ability to react.

Emotional balance provided by centered mind/body system is a sign of health and could be considered the first step towards truly focused state of being. The individual who is physically/mentally centered will react in optimal way whether they will be facing attacker on a street, defending penalty shot in a soccer game or interviewing for a job.